I love my new boyfriend a lot, but I cannot help that I am a bit of golfing widow.

The basic problem is that my boyfriend is a few years older than I am, and he has a lot of time on his hands. When I am busy working at escorts in Luton, he is off playing golf somewhere. I don’t mind, because he sold his company and can well afford it. The only problem is like I say to my friends at Luton escorts, it feels like golf has taken over our lives. There is golf gear everywhere and he is just going golf gadget mad.

The other day we were sitting at home having a sandwich when one of his golf buddies phoned up. I was just about to go into Luton escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/luton-escorts, so I need something to eat. But, all of a sudden golf took over our lives, and my boyfriend dropped everything to go and look and some new golf buggy with his friend. It was really weird and he left a half eaten sandwich on his plate. I said to the girl who I took over the shift from, that it is almost like he has become obsessed.

We are talking about going on a holiday, but it has to fit in with my boyfriend’s golf. There is very little care and concern about my job at the agency. I am expected to drop everything for him, and go off on a holiday just because it suits him. It is okay to be passionate about a sport, but I do not think that you should let it take over your life, and that is exactly what is happening in my boyfriend case. At the moment there is too much golf in our life, and not enough else.

The girls at escorts in Luton laugh at me. They think it is really funny that I have hooked up with this middle age guy who is golf mad. The other day, I joked with him and offered to caddie for him in my stilettos. He looked at me like I was mad, and said that stilettos are not allowed on the golf course. It was clear that he took it dead seriously, and I just had to laugh at him. He did not see it as a joke, and thought that I actually wanted to caddie for him in my stilettos.

I keep telling my friends at Luton escorts that I am lucky to have met such a nice guy, but his golf habit is driving me mad. He is spending a fortune on different golf stuff, and we always have to go to the club house for meals. There are all sorts of parties going on, and all of the ladies are rather posh. Sometimes, I don’t feel at home at all, but I do like the fact that he has something to do. The upside is that golf keeps him fit, and I do like a nice fit man.

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